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Register now for SportsBrain baseline and post-injury testing and LENS neurofeedback treatment

SportsBrain offers a number of different concussion solutions, depending on your age, need for a dual-baseline/performance measure tool and price point. 



  1. XLNTBrain web-based concussion management including baseline testing and education - click here.

  2. Head Rehab Test using the Oculus Rift (R) virtual reality goggles. This highly sensitive test measures balance, reaction time and spatial memory and is completed in just 15 minutes using immersive gaming technology. Because this test is uniquely mobile, we can come to you!

  3. Standard - 10+ years of age. We offer a multi-dimensional test that measures neuro-cognitive, balance, vision tracking and reaction time. The test takes one hour and is available at any of our many locations. 

  4. Standard - < 10 years of age. We offer a multi-dimensional test that measures balance, vision tracking and reaction time.




Post-injury assessments are done when concussion symptoms have subsided to determine brain activity levels in various areas that can be compared to the baseline concussion test. 

  1. In Home - a professionally trained SportsBrain representative will come to your home to administer the test- mileage not to exceed 60 miles. Please note that an adult must be present.

  2. Testing at one of our various locations (Chicago, IL, Madison/Milwaukee, WI, Columbus, OH)



If you are experiencing lingering concussion symptoms, please schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Robert Kauffman, a licensed psychotherapist and LENS neurofeedback specialist based in Northbrook, Illinois. 


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