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The SportsBrain Concussion Management

A Complete Concussion Risk Management Solution for: 
  • Youth and Professional Sports Leagues/Governing Bodies
  • High School Athletic Associations
  • Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges (public and private)
  • Medical Centers/Health Systems

Comprehensive Web-Based Concussion Management
















How It Works:


We provide a unique passcode that users can use on our website to register and access the on-line education video/quiz and baseline concussion test. The baseline test takes about 25 minutes to complete and can be done in the comfort of your own home as long as you are in a distraction and interruption free environment. The tests measures neuro-cognitive abilities including attention, inhibition, impulsivity, memory, information processing efficiency, and executive function, plus reaction time, mood, anxiety, stress and emotionality. 


Users are then tracked using a color-coded dashboard (see below) from education/baseline through incidence of concussion, post-injury testing, daily symptom tracker, repeat testing, medical clearance and 5-step progressive exertion.

SportsBrain Concussion Management enables organizations to track all incidence of concussion among all of their students/athletes, including compliance with the on-line video/quiz, baseline concussion test and tracking medical clearance for return to learn and return to play. When a concussive incident occurs, the person's symptoms are noted and an automatic email is sent to the parent or medical professional attached to that person, along with a list of symptoms and the score on the sideline balance test (mobile app included at no extra cost!). 


Using the latest technology and evidence-based guidelines, SportsBrain provides clinical-caliber concussion care giving users a complete solution that’s easy to use, affordable, and adds a “virtual neurologist” for the team.


  • Measures symptom severity

  • Flags problems

  • Balance test takes  < than one minute to administer

  • Reports automatically emailed to parent/medical professional attached to user

System Provides Risk Management and Peace of Mind:


Organizations with many members will have the unique ability to track compliance of video/quiz, baseline concussion test completion, medical clearance for return to learn/play and be able to report on incidence of concussion. Reports can be generated on numerous levels:


> Association > School > League > District > Club > Sport > Team > Player

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