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Originally based in the Chicago area, SportsBrain partners with schools, medical facilities, and youth athletic groups to provide concussion management programs for any size organization.


With hundreds of partner organizations and more than 100,000 youth athletes using the system, we provide:

  • Concussion Education with Electronic Documentation

  • Baseline Concussion Testing

  • Unlimited Post Injury Testing

  • Symptom Tracking

  • Athletic Trainer Dashboard

  • Symptom Specific Academic Accommodations

  • Progressive Exertion Guidelines

  • Return to Play Guidelines

  • School Counselor/Nurse Integration


By partnering with SportsBrain, your organization will help protect your members in the event of a concussion whether it happens on the playing field or home.


Proper post injury care will provide a safe and timely return to both the classroom and field. 

Click Here to Learn More about the SportsBrain Concussion Management Solution

Concussion Management for Schools and Youth Sports Organizations


Illinois Concussion Laws - Are you compliant?

Illinois law requires ALL coaches, whether working within a school district or club complete a 2 hour concussion certification course every other year. SportsBrain is an approved provider of this course. SportsBrain can come to your school and provide this 2 hour course and certify all your courses - Contact David Bookstaff to learn more.

Concussion #2 can be fatal

95 percent of Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) occurrences happen to kids who are 18 and under. This is because their brains are still developing. SIS is a rare, but often fatal medical emergency. It occurs when a child sustains another concussion while their previous brain injury has not yet properly healed. To protect your athlete from SIS, you must get an annual comprehensive baseline concussion test. This information will tell your doctor if your child has returned to their baseline brain activity levels after experiencing a concussion. Source: American Academy of Pediatrics


"We want to be ahead of the game in providing concussion management services for all of our students, not just athletes. Our coaches are happy that SportsBrain has given us top-notch concussion care and our administration is pleased to have a fully comprehensive return to learn protocol. Partnering with SportsBrain has not only kept our kids healthy, but has guided a safer return to the classroom." -  Tom Lentine, Athletic Director, Montini Catholic High School

"SportsBrain has been very accessible and easy to work with. The education process for my parents and coaches has been very valuable and helped me become compliant with state laws." - Jason Ward, Athletic Director, U-46 School District

"Working with SportsBrain has given me a lot of resources to manage my concussed athletes, as well as saved me time doing reports and communicating with coaches and physicians." - Liane Salzer, ATC, Evergreen Park High School

Watch: A mom explains the importance of getting a baseline concussion test

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