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About SportsBrain


SportsBrain partners with schools and youth athletic organizations to implement effective concussion management programs for their players and students. By partnering with SportsBrain, your organization will provide its members with proper concussion education, baseline concussion testing and post injury care. Proper post injury care will provide a safe and timely return to both the field and the classroom.

SportsBrain offers middle and high school age students an online program that includes:

  • Education

  • Baseline Concussion Testing - neuro-cognitive and balance

  • Unlimited Post-Injury Assessments

  • Daily symptom checklists

  • Sideline Application for coaches and athletic trainers

  • Complete return to learn and return to play protocols

For younger students, SportsBrain offers online balance testing as a baseline concussion testing option. SportsBrain uses the most up to date force plate technology to get the most accurate balance measurement possible.

For those who have suffered a concussion or are experience continued post concussion symptoms, SportsBrain offers LENS neurofeedback - a treatment with a proven track record of helping people reduce and eliminate lingering post concussion symptoms.


Sports Performance, Mental Toughness Training, Concussion Management and more

We offer a variety of sports performance, mental toughness and concussion management solutions that work with athletes of all ages! We have helped retired NFL players overcome lingering concussion symptoms, and have boosted the mental performance of athletes in high pressure positions/sports: quarterbacks, pitchers, goalies, golfers, divers and more. See more under "Services".

Working with Sports Organizations

Working with the Medical Community

SportsBrain works with medical facilities, doctors and athletic trainers

SportsBrain ALWAYS works with medical professionals to ensure they have the most current and accurate reporting of concussion test results. SportsBrain works much like a lab - we perform the testing, but do not provide medical opinion. We respect the doctors, nurses and medical staff that we have had the pleasure to work with and help them by reminding players and students that they cannot return to play without medical clearance from their physician or others, depending on state laws.

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