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About SportsBrain

This system Provides Risk Management and Peace of Mind:


Organizations with many members will have the unique ability to track compliance of video/quiz, baseline concussion test completion, medical clearance for return to learn/play, and be able to report on the incidence of concussion.

A Complete Concussion Risk Management Solution for: 
  • Youth and Professional Sports Leagues/Governing Bodies
  • High School Athletic Associations
  • Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges (public and private)
  • Medical Centers/Health Systems

SportsBrain works closely with a group of Certified Athletic Trainers and Neurologists in the management and operations of our concussion management systems. Our baseline testing program was developed Dr. Harry Kerasidis, the Founder of Chesapeake Neurology in Maryland.  His work in the baseline concussion testing area is considered to be top of his field. Our network of Certified Athletic Trainers, work with SportsBrain to continually improve concussion testing and protocols as both technology and our knowledge of concussions improves.

The SportsBrain daily symptom checklist guides our athletes with individualized, symptom specific, protocols to get them back on the field and back in the classroom as quickly as possible while still minimizing risk of any future injury. By properly using the SportsBrain daily checklist, athletes are receiving a truly individualized guide to personal recovery.

SportsBrain offers middle and high school age students an online program that includes:

  • Education

  • Baseline Concussion Testing - neuro-cognitive and balance

  • Unlimited Post-Injury Assessments

  • Daily symptom checklists

  • Sideline Application for coaches and athletic trainers

  • Complete return to learn and return to play protocols

For younger students, SportsBrain offers online balance testing as a baseline concussion testing option. SportsBrain uses the most up to date force plate technology to get the most accurate balance measurement possible.

How it works


We provide a unique passcode that users can use on our website to register and access the on-line education video/quiz  and baseline concussion test.


The baseline test takes about 25 minutes to complete. It can be done in the comfort of your own home as long as you are in a distraction and interruption free environment.

The tests measures neuro-cognitive abilities:

  • Attention & Inhibition

  • Impulsivity & Memory

  • Information Processing Efficiency & Executive Function

  • Reaction time

  • Mood

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Emotionality


Users are then tracked from education/baseline through incidence of concussion, post-injury testing, daily symptom tracker, repeat testing, medical clearance and 5-step progressive exertion.

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