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The SportsBrain Concussion Management system offers a web based dashboard and mobile app that tracks all athletes/students from on-line concussion education and baseline concussion testing through any post injury care.

  • Education - Concussion prevention begins with education. No matter how much you spend on safety equipment, concussions are still going to happen - not only in sports but in everyday life. Our educational program focuses on teaching students, coaches and parents  what they truly need to know and do to in the case of a head injury. We teach the facts AND the myths about concussions.

  • Baseline Concussion Testing - Having a baseline neuro-cognitive and/or balance test on file is one of the most effective tools a physician can evaluate to know when an individual has recovered from a head injury. This data helps guide our return to learn and return to play protocols.

  • Post Injury Care - Daily symptom checklists, combined with post injury assessments, and proper medical care, are essential to a complete recovery. The SportsBrain Concussion Management Program uses this post injury information to help provide proper academic care plans and progressive exertion programs for sports and daily activities.





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With proper care and healing time most concussion symptoms will resolve themselves. For those suffering the lingering effects of a concussion or have had long term effects of multiple head injuries, SportsBrain offers LENS Neurofeedback.

Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) uses a micro EEG program to map injured areas of the brain and help stimulate areas that are reacting slowly. LENS was developed in 1992 and has been actively helping injured patients ever since.


Specifically, SportsBrain has worked with several retired professional athletes that have found tremendous success with the LENS treatments. We have seen patients improve in the areas of memory, light and sound sensitivity, anger issues, sleep disruptions, focus and concentration, anxiety, depression and other concussion related symptoms.

LENS has also been found to be highly effective in treating those with PTSD.

Dr. Len Ochs developed the treatment in 1992 and it has been remarkably effective in stimulating brain-wave activity to restore brain flexibility. LENS uses low level electromagnetic fields to "ping" the injured site of the brain which encourages the brain to send a signal back an restore the brain to its highest functioning alpha and beta waves.  This treatment has been very effective in treating lingering concussion and PTSD symptoms in retired NFL players, military veterans and athletes. 

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