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Rocky Mount Prep Press Release


Rocky Mount, North Carolina, August 26, 2016 – Todd Pipkin, Head of School and Joshua Curley Rocky Mount’s new Athletic Director, have both been on the job for less than 3 months, but are already making a huge impact on athletic programs and player safety at Rocky Mount Prep. The school has agreed to provide Rocky Mount Prep football players with online Baseline Concussion Testing as well as Return to Learn/Play programmingwith SportsBrain, LLC, a Dublin, Ohio based healthcare company that works to protect the brains of athletes, students and military personnel.

"We want to go beyond what’s expected or even required to protect our young athletes," explains Mr. Pipkin, "Our coaches and teachers are fully committed to providing RMP student athletes with a great athletic experience and want to do our very best to ensure that they are able to return to the playing field and the classroom, as safely and quickly as possible”. “Partnering with SportsBrain will not only help keep our kids healthy, but allows RMP sports programs to keep pace with cutting edge testing and player safety programming." Said the school’s New athletic Director, Josh Curley

"We celebrate the proactive leadership at Rocky Mount Prep," explains Shaon Berry, SportsBrain VP. "Concussions are and have always been a part of sports and life. The information that we have available to us now requires programs like Rocky Mount Prep to take a more proactive and responsible approach and that is exactly what Todd and Josh have been able to do.” With our cloud-based technology, we can track student compliance with neurocognitive baseline testing and coordinate return-to-play/learn clearance from medical professionals."

In most cases, with proper diagnosis and treatment, concussion is a treatable condition and full recovery can be expected. However, Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) is a result of an acute, often fatal brain swelling that occurs when a second concussion is sustained before complete recovery from a previous one. The risk of Second Impact Syndrome is highest among children 18 and younger. The highest incidence of SIS is found in sports such as boxing, football, ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball and skiing. The CDC reports an average of 1.5 deaths per year from sports concussions. In most of these cases, a concussion, usually undiagnosed, had occurred prior to the final one.

Contact: Shaon Berry - 630-639-6317 -

About SportsBrain, LLC SportsBrain, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cognitive Ventures, LLC, a healthcare company making a difference in sports, military, corporate and healthcare sectors. SportsBrain promotes brain safety and is a national leader in concussion testing and comprehensive end-to-end concussion management plus cognitive therapy and performance programs including LENS neurofeedback, Mental Toughness Academy, Brainware(R) and customized cognitive training programs. Learn more at

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